Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Much Spooks and Not Enough Adam

Adam, who was killed off in the first one I watched

My weekend was spent watching several episodes of Spooks which I had recorded earlier in the year. I started watching them last weekend but was interrupted by a friend needing me, so had to put them on pause while I tended to his needs.

I got to the last one and didn't really want to watch it. What would I do after it had finished? I do have Spooks Code 9 recorded too, but it isn't the same. I pressed play on the VBox and started watching as London was under threat of a nuclear attack and the Spooks team had a team of Russian killers, mostly dressed in black, after them. armed with hand and machine guns.
Of course everything turned out well and the only person related to the Spooks team who was killed was the traitor Connie James, but even she saved London before she was blown up by the bomb.
I paused the box several times during the episode, not wanting it to end but of course, there are only so many cups of coffee one can drink in an hour, eventually the end was near.
Harry was in the London head quarters of Russian operations and waiting for word from his team that the bomb had been disarmed of it's nuclear power. However, as most of the action took place in a disused underground, the signal to the highly sophisticated communication system used by the team was broken meaning Harry was isolated with his hosts, who, before he told them about the bomb, were trying to kill him.

One of the team did try to phone him and the scene switched from the underground station to the boot of a car. The boot opened, and there was Harry, mouth bound with tape and hands tied. In the back ground you could hear some sort of air machine, not sure if it was an aeroplane or a helicopter, and that’s where it ended.
I can't wait for the next series but until then I'll have to watch the code 9's I have recorded. It wasn't the same without Adam anyway.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sleeping With The Script

I've been in bed for about 2 hours now and still can't sleep. It could have something to do with the music I'm listening to. I love The Script at the moment, I saw them in Bristol when they were the support to The Hoosiers, and think the words to their songs are lovely. So maybe listening to the words and not just the music is where I'm going wrong.

This is one of my favorites.

I'm Yours - The Script