Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joy Boy or Toy Boy?

After watching X-Factor tonight I started thinking about a remark made by an old woman who sang on there. She said she wanted Simon Cowell as her Joy Boy.
So is there a difference between a joy boy and a toy boy? The first thing that comes to mind is age. A toy boy is younger than the woman.
There is a rule that can be used to work out if the man is a toy boy. It is called the Half-age-plus-seven relationship rule.

On the Urban dictionary web site they define a Joy Boy as:
Man or boy who seeks physical pleasure, or joy from other men, or boys.

I think maybe the woman may have got it a bit wrong and really meant Toy Boy but I guess if you had a man just to give you joy he could be any age as long as he can satisfy you sexually. Well it wouldn’t be a joy if he couldn’t.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Control? You Have None

I don’t believe in many things and I tend not to believe anything unless I can see it. That is except for fate. I believe everything you do in life is for a reason and the outcome of your actions are beyond your control. They are outcomes that will happen whatever you do. Your life has a path to take and nothing will sway it from that path.
Think you are in control? Think again.