Sunday, September 13, 2009

Control? You Have None

I don’t believe in many things and I tend not to believe anything unless I can see it. That is except for fate. I believe everything you do in life is for a reason and the outcome of your actions are beyond your control. They are outcomes that will happen whatever you do. Your life has a path to take and nothing will sway it from that path.
Think you are in control? Think again.


leege said...

control - i have none , i was at airport road on my way home tonight with my bike i was watching and waiting for a clear road to cross whilst sat on my bike , then all of a sudden i just caught my foot in my pedal lost control and fell on my knee which really hurt ...

anyway , i had no control over that , i was ment to fall over ... i also believe everything we do is fate and we have a route which we are following without our knowledge!

(does this make sense?)

Ladybristol said...

Yes it makes complete sense to me.

It must have also been fate that I was not driving past you at the time or you may not have been here to tell the tale!