Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Driving in Whitchurch, Bristol

Some of the rudest drivers in the country have got to be the ones that drive in Whitchurch, Bristol.

I take the same route home every day and I find the same thing happens every time. I have to come out of a side road, East Dundry Road, and turn right onto a more main road, Whitchurch Lane.

Whitchurch Lane is quite busy during rush hour and especially during term time as there is a school right on the junction. Lots of cars want to turn right off Whitchurch Lane and drive down the road I am trying to get out of. Do they let drivers out of the side road thus making it easier for them to turn into it? No they don't.

They don't care that you've been there, waiting, like a cat waiting to pounce on a mouse, or a painter waiting to give a wall a second coat of paint while the first coat is still tacky to touch. These people think they are better than me, sat in their big 4 wheel drive monsters while I am in my little, huggable, family size car.

They do say that manners make man, well people who drive down East Dundry Road you are no man. You are just little men in a big car trying to make up for the rude, impolite, arrogant, condescending, people you really are.


Lord Hutton said...

Yay! Give it some! I get bollocked when I gesticulate to the bastards

leege said...

I have not long moved up that way and it is pretty mad and also i find alot of the people up here can be rather rude at times...

Ladybristol said...

Well leege, I hope if you see me trying to get onto the main road you'll be a gent and let me out :)