Monday, September 22, 2008

Ian Robins - I'll Miss You

The first time I met Ian was with a large group of people who were all strangers to each other. We had all joined a chat site and decided we would go out on the piss in Bristol. That was about 4 years ago and most of us are still friends to this day. One of the ladies even came down from Liverpool for the weekend and stayed for free at a hotel where one of the other people in the group worked.

Yesterday I received a message on facebook from a lady called Emma. The message read:

''Hi Viv, I know you drink at the space as i have seen you there. I just wanted to say that i have been spending time with Ian Robins over the last 8 weeks and i wanted to know if you have heard about what happened...''

My first thoughts was that he had been in an accident as he is a keen bike rider so I messaged Emma back

''Hi Emma. No I haven't heard from Ian for a while. Is everything ok?''

Emma replied by asking me to phone her.

My heart sank. I knew it had to be something bad but I wasn't prepared for what Emma was about to tell me.

Ian had died last Friday morning.

After some questions of how and why, I thanked Emma for letting me know.

Ian and I had spoken in the past about his family and his love for his children and I still can't quite believe that he is gone.

I will always remember Ian for being a happy, fun person who loved the open country side and used to make me laugh so much. I will truly miss you Ian

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot Stuff

I've just come back from my hols in turkey and it was so hot. I went with family and friends and although the place we went was not quite what I was expecting we still had a great time.

I took lots of photo's and video, which I am still trying to upload to my pc, not sure why but my camcorder is not recognised.

My brother went paragliding from 6000 ft, jumping off a huge mountain and landing in one piece about 45 minutes later. I think he was really brave. You wouldn't see me jumping off a low wall let alone somewhere in the sky too high to see with the naked eye. He took some nice video on the way down and I managed to get him coming into land by the beach.

Another video I managed to get was of my niece on the last night. She was very drunk and we've threatened to post it on Utube!

Anyway more about my holiday when I get the video to work.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Need A Date!!

I've decided that I can't go to my 50th birthday party in October alone so I'm looking for a date.

It has to be a man and he has to like a drink, (I can't stand getting drunk alone) I smoke so it has to be someone that either smokes or really doesn't mind me smoking.

He would also have to like dancing, slow or fast I don't mind as long as he moves!

Ideally he would be younger than me as I find older men quite boring on dates plus they don't seem to have the energy younger men have.

I don't like fat men or thin men so he would have to be somewhere in the middle.

He would have to be someone who isn't expecting sex after the party. For one thing I would have had far too much to drink and more importantly I don't do casual sex!

Sound like you or someone you know? Great! Email me and I'll let you know more details.