Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Need A Date!!

I've decided that I can't go to my 50th birthday party in October alone so I'm looking for a date.

It has to be a man and he has to like a drink, (I can't stand getting drunk alone) I smoke so it has to be someone that either smokes or really doesn't mind me smoking.

He would also have to like dancing, slow or fast I don't mind as long as he moves!

Ideally he would be younger than me as I find older men quite boring on dates plus they don't seem to have the energy younger men have.

I don't like fat men or thin men so he would have to be somewhere in the middle.

He would have to be someone who isn't expecting sex after the party. For one thing I would have had far too much to drink and more importantly I don't do casual sex!

Sound like you or someone you know? Great! Email me and I'll let you know more details.


Lord Hutton said...

Blimey! That's a brave proposition. I think I qualify on almost all those criteria.
But I'm taken;-)

Ladybristol said...

Oh that's a shame I always fancied myself as a real lady to a real Lord :)