Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where Are You Coming From?

I think I will start a new weekly item titled 'Most unusual Way to find my blog'

Looking at my site stats tonight I found these searches which lead here:

writing for dog dog bandanas

people to look after my dog when i am on holiday in bristol

adult couplesswapping

what's under the bonnet

fun wanted with large lady in bristol

I think each week I will pick out the 5 which I feel don't match my blog at all.

It would be good if those of you, who did search for something completely different to what you got from my blog, would leave a comment, just so we know you where here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dog Sitting and Holidays

Ok. Own up. Who's coming to Bristol on holiday?

I don't think it is a place I would consider for a holiday so I only hope you are visiting friends or family.

Have you found someone to look after your dog yet?

What sort of dog is it? Is it a friendly dog?

Why not bring it with you?

I know, so many questions. Well if you will do a search on Tiscali 'people to look after my dog when i am on holiday in bristol' and end up at my site but leave without even saying hello, then you have to expect some kind of recourse.

Anyway, whoever you are I hope your dog finds a nanny and you have a great time here in Bristol.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That's a Funny Name for a Shih Tzu

The Puppies Now Have Names

The Puppies are now a week old and have more than doubled in size. We have also named them all so we can tell who's getting on well and who may need a bit of help.

One of the smaller ones at birth is now one of the biggest ones. here she is in my hand.

Summer Sleeping

Their noses haven't completely turned black yet and their eyes and ears have yet to open. I expect they will be everywhere when they can see where they are going.

Is this what Donny Osmond meant when he sang Puppy Love?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Great Balls of Fire

I was just catching up on the news and came across this story, which made me smile after my recent experience with Mr. T

The only advice I have, Men, if she don't want you there get out!

I didn't have a photo to go with the news story so I thought I would put one of the puppies who are now one day old. We've been thinking of names for them and as we were at the England under 21s match last night we may name them after some of the players. I'll up date you when we've decided.

All lined up with no where to go

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Six New Arrivals - Shih Tzu Puppies

Well it was a bit touch and go if we were going to be able to make the football tonight.
I've taken 2 weeks off work because my dog was due to have puppies next Saturday but she decided she wouldn't wait and the first one arrived at 3pm today. I wasn't home and I had a frantic phone call from my daughter which was short and to the point. 'The dog's got something hanging out of her. Please come home'

I wasn't far away and by the time I got home the puppy was out and not long after the afterbirth was delivered. Now 3 hours later we have six puppies, four boys and two girls and a very good mum looking after them.

Three arrive and mum is shattered
Just waiting for the last one and then a good rest

My friend looks at one of the new born puppies - a new experience for her

England and Time off

On a happier note. I've got 2 weeks off work and I'm going to see the England U21's play tomorrow night :) Well I suppose it's tonight now.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Do I Really Look That Stupid?

This book should be put into the Christmas sack of all men who use dating sites
I was looking forward to Friday night. I had a date with a man that shall remain nameless to save his dignity.

It all started off on one of those dating sites. You know the ones I mean, the ones where nearly all that the men are interested in is getting their leg over, Umm that doesn't exclude many as in my experience all the sites are like that!

Anyway, I received the message below from, I'll call him Mr. T :
12/08/2007 @ 12:48 the match wrote: Hi,wanna make contact so we can chat! T x

So I replied:
12/08/2007 @ 13:03 you wrote: Hi. I would chat but from the sound of your profile you are only here for fun and that is not the reason I am here. I do not do one night relationships and I like to really get to know someone before I jump into bed with them. If you still want to chat after reading this then email again. Thanks .

The next reply from him was:
12/08/2007 @ 14:07 the match wrote: Hi, thanks for your honesty-i can wait for the 2nd date!lol. Please let me have your msn details so we can chat easier.T x

After one more message I gave him my messenger addy, thinking he knows what I 'don't' want so must be ok with this.

How wrong I was. We chatted for a bit on messenger until my PC started playing up (again). During the conversation and even though I had made it very clear that I was not talking to him so he could get his leg over me he continued to bring sex into the conversation at every opportunity. Then came the subject of photos. I directed him to my flickr so he could have a look at the ones that are public. In return he offered to show me the only photo he had of himself, a naughty one, as he put it. I declined his offer, even though he said it was a 'good one'

The conversation carried on in the same style. His with a sexual tone to every answer he gave me. And then he mentioned the photo again:

(21:38) Mr.
T@bti:Are you sure you dont want to see my pic? may decide if you want to meet up with me or not?

(21:39)me:i think i made my feeling clear before we started talking. I have not changed my mind about anything but i think you think you will be able to change it

(21:39) Mr.
T@bti:Its only a picture!

(21:39) me:i am not here just for sex but the way you keep bringing the conversation back to sex makes me think you really are

(21:39) Mr.
T@bti: No

We talked for another 20 minutes in which sex was not mentioned once and we arranged to meet up and go for a drink.

Friday arrived and I met up with him and he drove us to a nice country pub, not far from where I live. We talked about family and holidays and past meetings. During this conversation the subject of porn came up, not in a sexual way but more in a general conversation way. He said about a site that he knows of but it was a pay site and I said that I knew of a site that was free and I told him the addy.

That was about the extent of the date. I was back in my local by 9.30 so I was either very boring to him or not giving off the right vibes. I didn't think I would hear from him again and to be honest I really didn't care if I did or didn't.

Anyway on Sunday he texted me. He asked how the weekend was going and asked if I had a webcam. That was when I knew where the conversation was going. When I said I didn't have one he suggested I could still see his even though I didn't have one.

I reminded him that not only would I be able to see it but so would anyone who happened to be in the same room as me. This was his reply:

'Then make sure you are on your own! Perhaps I'll put on a show for you'

I didn't bother answering, there was no point.

Monday I received another text from Mr. T asking if he had upset me and why I hadn't answered his last text. I explained I didn't want to see his 'show' and I gave him the addy of the porn site which he asked for.

The next text I received from him asked if I would sort out his PC for him and 'Maybe watch some porn?'

I said I would sort out his PC but declined his offer to watch the porn.

His next question was 'Do you watch it alot?'

I hadn't even said that I watched it and by now I was pissed off with trying to be nice to him, I'm a nice person and don't like to hurt anyone but I do have my limits and he had just reached them.

I texted back:

'I think you need to stop talking to me about sex. That is not my reason for talking to you or meeting you as I have already told you. I won't be answering any more questions about sex. To me sex is a private subject between people who have agreed that is what they want. We don't have an agreement like that.'

I sent the text and then went on to send another:

'If, after meeting me you've decided you would only meet me again for sex then it would be best for both of us to forget it'

He must have answered the first text before reading the second one because the next text I received from him was:

'I'm sorry if I have upset you. No mention again ok.'

And then in answer to the second one he replied:

'Ok as you wish. Good luck in your search'

Now I am left with a question.

Did he think I was so thick that I wouldn't realise that he thought he could persuade me to sleep with him or was he that thick to think he could?

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I've been looking at some old photos of different people I know. Some I knew when the old photos were taken and some I didn't. The ones I did know jogged old memories of the good time we were having when the photo was taken, whereas the ones of people I didn't know before, were quite a shock. I don't think if they looked like that today I would recognise them at all. Some who don't have hair now, use to, some use to be larger and are now smaller and some that use to be smaller are a lot larger. Of course one thing all the photos have in common is, everyone used to be younger and now they are older. In some cases, a lot older.
Many of the people I still see, but a few I have lost contact with. Either by chance or because one or both of us didn't keep in touch and sometimes you don't even know the reason why.
Me, I am really rubbish at remembering peoples names. I can see someone in the street, know that I know them but for the life of me, no matter how much I try, I can't recall a single thing about them, not even where I know them from. This has made me quite an expert in answering questions without having to reveal how crap my memory is. It can however backfire and you just have to admit to the person, even though it may hurt their feelings to know they were not as important to you as they thought, you just can't remember who they are.
So if you are one of those people I have known in the past, sorry if I can't remember you. And if you meet me in the future, Make sure I take a photo of you and write your name on it or you may find yourself as one of the memories that got away.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Relax or Excite?

I can't quite believe the sun is still shinning. It can't last much longer, after all we have the balloon fiesta here in Bristol this weekend so it has to rain. Not that I want it to of course, but that's the way of the world we live in, nothing stays the same forever.

It is nice for all those who have time off work. It is time for them to enjoy themselves, relaxing or having some excitement, whatever does it for them. Let's just hope they don't over do it and need another week off after this one to recover.

Another good thing about the sun is, things are always better, or seem better, when it is shinning. I know I was smiling more today, not sure if that has anything to do with the sun or just that we are half way through the week and the weekend will soon be here again.

Anyway, I haven't got the week off so I had better go to bed or it will be another late start for me in the morning.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Trapped

Taken from here

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Sun Shines. The Green Looks Good

I just had the most fantastic weekend in Plymouth, away from all the rubbish that's been going on for me here in Bristol.

My weekend started on Friday night with the drive down the M5 then onto the A38 straight into my home town. Well it's a city really but I like to think of it as a friendly town full of people from my past and maybe my future, who knows?

As I approached Plymouth, the familiar spots appeared on the wind screen, yes rain again.

It didn't last long and by the time I pulled into my brother's drive it had stopped. A nice cup of coffee awaited me and as I drank it, me and my brother caught up on the family news.

The next morning was a bit cloudy and I was beginning to think it was going to rain, after the weather forecast had said it was going to be a sunny weekend, but it soon brightened up and there it was, The Sun.
I was on the edge of excitement all day and as the morning drove on into afternoon, all the clocks in the house seemed to be going at a snails pace.

1pm, 1.30pm, 2pm, 2.10pm, 2.15pm, only 15 minutes to go. 2.20pm, 2.25pm, "Come on you lot. Are you getting ready?!?"

A discussion as to who will drop who off, "You drop me off then pick me up on the way home" Settled.

My brother drove and decided it would be quicker to go through the back streets. Well it would have been if we didn't get stuck behind a van travelling at a maximum of 20mph. 2.50 and I haven't even got my ticket yet. I begin to worry that I would miss the beginning. The ticket office is about a 5 minute walk from the gate and there was bound to be a queue.

As I walked across the grass a man, dressed appropriate for the occasion, started to walk next to me. "I've been coming since 1954" he said "Same seat all that time"
"That's a long time" I replied, "I come when I can. Wish I lived here so I could come more often. I do go in Bristol sometimes, but it's not the same of course. Nothing could be quite the same as coming here"
I mentioned to him I didn't have my ticket yet and he said that I didn't have to go to the box office to get it, they were selling them on the gate. He pointed me in the right direction, well not quite the one which I wanted but time was short and I didn't want to miss the beginning, so I followed his instructions and handed my money over to a nice man.

Ticket in hand, I walked on unfamiliar ground to find somewhere to sit. With only one seat to find it wasn't hard for me to find one with a good view where I would be able to see everything that went on.

There were 3 men sat behind me and when I heard them talk I knew I was home. There is no mistaking a broad plymouthian accent. It has a sort of song to it and makes me smile every time I hear it.

3pm. It's time. Out they come to the cheers of the crowd, dressed in green and jumping and kicking all over the place. Then the man on the tanoy announces the players one by one, each getting their own individual cheer, with the loudest one saved for the manager.

The whistle blows and the game has started. Within no time at all Plymouth Argyle are one nil up to Bristol Rovers. Then two, and three, four and a fifth. Half time is approaching and we are five nil up, but the ball is on its way up the field, towards our goal. I can't look. Oh, they scored. The whistle blows and it's half time.

The second half wasn't as busy goal wise as the first and the end result was Plymouth Argyle 7 Bristol Rovers 3, a colossal improvement to the last pre-season match when the two teams met.

After the match I walked down to the club shop and managed to get myself and my daughter a club membership so we won't miss any of the games we can get to when the season starts properly.

The sun was still shining when my brother came to pick me up and the talk all the way back to his house was, of course, football.

Well that was Saturday. Sunday wasn't quite as exciting but a really good day in Cornwall with lots of men and lots of very nice cars but that's a story for another day.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Worried About Ray - Download out 17th June

The track I like most at the momment

The Sun

Where the hell has the sun gone!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Someone, well it was Tim, sent me some pics today and I thought I would share a couple of them with you.

Some people always know how to make you smile .