Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Six New Arrivals - Shih Tzu Puppies

Well it was a bit touch and go if we were going to be able to make the football tonight.
I've taken 2 weeks off work because my dog was due to have puppies next Saturday but she decided she wouldn't wait and the first one arrived at 3pm today. I wasn't home and I had a frantic phone call from my daughter which was short and to the point. 'The dog's got something hanging out of her. Please come home'

I wasn't far away and by the time I got home the puppy was out and not long after the afterbirth was delivered. Now 3 hours later we have six puppies, four boys and two girls and a very good mum looking after them.

Three arrive and mum is shattered
Just waiting for the last one and then a good rest

My friend looks at one of the new born puppies - a new experience for her

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