Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 Questions For a Sunday

I have 2 questions on my mind today. The first one is "Can long distance relationships really work?" and the second is "What age would I go back to if I could?"

I'll take the first one first. I think it's always good to start at the beginning.
I suppose it would depend how long the distance was and how often you could see the other person, as well as, who was the one having to do the travelling or if it was shared. Of course there is always the question of trust. I think I will need to draw up a list of advantages and disadvantages and then which list got the most I would go for that one. I'll let you know when the lists are done.
If I could go back to any age in my life it would be 16.
At 16 I went on a blind date with my mate's, mate. This shaped the rest of my life. We went out together for 2 years, until he went home. He wasn't English and just before he went home he asked if I would be his second wife! He had already been promised in marriage to someone from his home, something he forgot to tell me about when we met, and as he was allowed more than one wife, wanted me as well as the one that he was promised too. Of course I said no,but spent the next 2 months helping him buy presents for his new wife to be.
I think this may have been where my distrust in men started. I have had a husband and different relationships since then but apart from my husband, who I would trust with my life, even today after being separated for 18 years, I don't think I have met a man who hasn't lied to me.
If I was 16 again I wouldn't go on that blind date and who knows I may still be with the same man all these years later.