Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lost in the North or Was it the West?

After a shaky start, when my brother's car caught fire and the door on our aeroplane wouldn't close and they had to call out an engineer to see if he could mend it, we arrived to hot blazing sun in Florida.
My brother couldn't find his driving licence so it was left up to me to drive us around for the two weeks we were there. The journey from the airport was an experience in itself.

A drive which should have taken an hour ended up taking 4 hours. As you can guess we got lost big time. When we did reach our villa we were all very tired and stressed and decided to chill out before embarking on our quest to find the first of the parks we were going to visit the next day.

The trouble with the road signs in the USA are the way they ask if you're going 'west or east' or 'north or south' When you've no idea of what direction you need, just the name of the place you are going to, these signs are more than useless, in fact they got us lost more times than I can remember.

Even with this disadvantage we did managed to visit all the Disney parks and a couple of others too.

We also had time to travel down to Tampa (where we got lost again) and spend the afternoon on Clearwater beach, where we watched the sunset over the sea.

I think next time I travel over the pond it will be to Miami. Unfortunately it was a little to far to drive there and back in one day from Orlando and who knows where we may have ended up when there was 220 miles between us and our destination.

Maybe I should go back to school and think about taking geography as one of my options.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Name Search

I decided to search Blogger tonight using my first name to see what it came up with. Take a look at this, the video made me smile.
I then went a step further and put my name into google image search and found lots of pictures with the same name as mine:
I'll leave you to decide which one is me (If any at all)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Found. Another One in Bristol

I've just had the most enjoyable night at my local. I met a bloke who, like me, is a Plymouth Argyle supporter. He was already in the pub when I arrived and was sat by himself reading a newspaper.
We were first sat on the bar stools but my mate had a bad back so we had to move on to the more comfy seats. Both my mates sat down before me as I was waiting to be served with a vodka and coke.
When I did get to sit down the only place left was next to this bloke. He was quiet at first. I would make a comment about what he was doing and he would politely respond. Then, me not being very shy at all, asked him a question out right. He answered and it all started from there. Like me, he was from Plymouth and he supported the Green Army.
We hit it off straight away. He was a lovely chap and we talked the night away. We ended with him reading to me his speech that he had prepared for his sisters wedding this weekend, which is taking place in Plymouth, wish I was there.
Happy wedding day to Don and Ricky's sister, who I have forgotten the name of.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Memory's of years gone by.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006