Friday, November 03, 2006

Found. Another One in Bristol

I've just had the most enjoyable night at my local. I met a bloke who, like me, is a Plymouth Argyle supporter. He was already in the pub when I arrived and was sat by himself reading a newspaper.
We were first sat on the bar stools but my mate had a bad back so we had to move on to the more comfy seats. Both my mates sat down before me as I was waiting to be served with a vodka and coke.
When I did get to sit down the only place left was next to this bloke. He was quiet at first. I would make a comment about what he was doing and he would politely respond. Then, me not being very shy at all, asked him a question out right. He answered and it all started from there. Like me, he was from Plymouth and he supported the Green Army.
We hit it off straight away. He was a lovely chap and we talked the night away. We ended with him reading to me his speech that he had prepared for his sisters wedding this weekend, which is taking place in Plymouth, wish I was there.
Happy wedding day to Don and Ricky's sister, who I have forgotten the name of.

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