Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Are Ipswich Good Enough?

On Sunday Ipswich earned a deserved 3 points when they beat Luton Town 5-0. Two of the players have been named in the Coca-Cola Championship team of the week, Sylvain Legwinski and Alan Lee. Tonight they meet Plymouth Argyle at Home Park, who are unbeaten for the last 6 matches.

Plymouth are 5th in the Championship league going into this match and they will be hoping to improve on this position. While a win for Ipswich will take them just 1 point below Plymouth.

The last two times the clubs met, the teams took one match apiece. Ipswich winning their home match and Plymouth winning there's. If the trend continues then Plymouth are in for a win.

Good luck Jack, I think you will need it.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I Wish They Didn't do That

Why do people do that?
I suppose they must have their reasons, though I don't think there is any need for it.
Maybe they are hiding something?
Maybe they just don't want to hurt someone?
Maybe they are just bored?
Maybe they are not finding what they are looking for?
What ever the reason I wish they didn't do that.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cider? 'No thanks'

A friend said to me last night 'Now you won't be able to sleep tonight' How wrong he was.

Friday night I was at the pub as usual. I was quite happy drinking vodka and coke when a bloke came and sat next to me. He started to speak with my friend and I just joined in with the conversation. He had his 12 year old son, Nathan, with him who was very chatty too. The man, I think he's called Dave, went up to the bar to get another drink and came back with two pints of Cider. He explained that he was given a pint by two different barmaids but was only charged for one and because he was only going to have one more before going home, I found myself with a pint in front of me. I know I should have said 'No thanks' but instead I said 'Thanks'

And that's where my problem began.

I stayed at the pub until closing time, having another few vodka's before walking home. When I woke up Saturday morning it was like someone was banging my head against a brick wall. Every time I moved my head felt like it was going to explode. I made myself a strong coffee in the hope that it would make me feel better, it didn't.

I've heard that a fry up after a heavy night of drinking goes a long way to clearing the head although I've never tried it before. This morning I was going to try anything. I walked over to the local shop and came away with a fresh loaf of bread, bacon and half a dozen eggs.

10 minutes later I was sat eating an egg and bacon sandwich, which I had covered in brown sauce. It didn't make me feel any better at all, in fact I now felt sick too. I signed into messenger and spoke with my friend for about 3 minutes before telling him I had to go and lay down.

He texted me later that evening asking if I was feeling better and I texted back, 'Still on the sofa. Sleeping lots'

All afternoon I had been drifting in and out of sleep, trying to stay awake so I could follow the footy on Sky Sports but not making a very good job of it. I was awake to see Southampton go 1-0 down in the first 3 minutes but then sleep over took me again.

I was awake for the final score and was pleased to see that Plymouth had beat Crystal Palace 1-0.

For the first Saturday in ages I didn't go to the pub and was in to see the crap they put on TV on Saturday nights.

I think it was about 12.30ish that my friend texted to ask if I was awake and that is where his comment 'Now you won't be able to sleep tonight' comes in.

I had slept most of the day only remembering when I was on my way up the stairs that I had an extra hour in bed. I took about 5 minutes to drift off to sleep and didn't wake up until 8.45, when I could hear my daughter getting ready for work.

Now I've had 2 cups of coffee, I feel wide awake and I'm looking forward to seeing my brother, who is flying up from Plymouth this afternoon.

No more Cider for me, well not until the next time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Is It?

It's nearly Friday again. But then 7 days isn't a lot when you've been around for 48 years.

Gig Tickets?

I received a card from the postman last Friday saying that he had tried to deliver a special delivery letter but there was no one home so he took it back to the sorting office. I would have to wait 48 hours until I could go and collect it. My daughter and I tied to guess what it could be and all we could come up with was gig tickets which she has ordered, off my card again, for another band I had not heard of.

The earliest I could collect them would be Monday.

Well Monday I overslept (which was expected as I had been at the pub Sunday night celebrating Plymouth beating Derby on Sky Sports) so didn't have time before work to pick the letter up.

Tuesday I was on duty and so had to be at work on time. I could have gotten out of bed earlier but as I thought it was only gig tickets it didn't seem worth it.

Today, Wednesday, I got out of bed on time but didn't feel a bit like going to work. I sat drinking coffee for about an hour before I could even force myself to get in the car and drive to work. We were supposed to have a team meeting at 10am but as the manager is away, we decided, as a team, we wouldn't bother. There came my chance to go and pick up my letter.

I got to the sorting office at about 10.30 and collected the letter. Got back into my car and looked at the envelope. It didn't feel like gig tickets, more like a credit card or something of that size.

As I opened the letter I spotted Mickey Mouse. To my surprise it was my Disney tickets.

Now I know my holiday is not far off.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bristol Bloggers

Tonight I decided to look at some other blogs written by people from Bristol.

One I spent most time on was 'upfromthespar'

Go take a look.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Men's Health magazine.

I was just looking around the land of blogs and one click took me to this news article;

Hull has been named as the stupidest place in Britain.

It is also the poorest and cheapest to live, according to a survey by Men's Health magazine. In contrast, Edinburgh is named as the cleverest city.

The survey took into account factors like exam results, the number of residents who studied at university level and performance in BBC IQ quiz Test The Nation.

Stoke and Liverpool are the next dumbest places, while Manchester is the rudest but best-dressed.

Stoke is the worst-dressed and Glasgow both the most drunken and most dangerous.

The survey also lists Liverpool as having the best sense of humour and Cardiff as being the most polite.

However, Hull residents might be forgiven for feeling a bit hard done by. Although they elected disaster-prone Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott as an MP, the city is also famous as the home of poets Philip Larkin and Andrew Marvell.

The top 10 stupidest places in Britain are:

1. Hull
2. Stoke
3. Liverpool
4. Bradford
5. Glasgow
6. Wolverhampton
7. Newcastle
8. Nottingham
9. Leicester
10. Birmingham

I'm sure all of the people who live in these places aren't stupid, maybe it's just the way others see them.

Holiday Time Again

I just spent £600 and I'm still smiling, something must be wrong!

I just ordered our tickets for Disneyworld and it seems, at long last, my holiday is nearly here. Two and a half weeks off work, with nothing to do but have fun, I can't wait.

I'm not looking forward to the long flight or the waiting around at the airport, but the end result will be well worth it.

The villa we will be staying in

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Was it The Vodka or The Fish?

It's Sunday again and I would usually be dreading tomorrow coming but this week I'm not. As well as having Friday off work, in celebration of my birthday, I have Monday off too. I'm not too sure how I am going to use the extra time I have at home, but I'm sure I will find something exciting to do.

Friday I did very little during the day. Some washing, some other stuff around the house but nothing to shout about. As I was going out for the evening I thought I would have something to eat early and have a drink at home before venturing to the pub with my friends. I decided to have some fish and crackers, healthy but filling.
All was going well. My best mate Lesley was there and her partner, they don't go out often together so it was nice to see them, and a few other friends and I had drinks lined up for me on the table. Then all of a sudden I felt quite ill. Was it the drink? Was it the fish? I will never know but I was home in bed by 10pm, drinks left for others to have. I did make up for it last night though. I managed to stay out till closing time, and had a really great night.

Well another year older and another year wiser. Umm I know I am older but I have yet to see evidence of being wiser.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Bit of This, a Bit of That and a Bit of The Other

In just two days time I am going to have to make a small change to my profile. I have mixed feelings about this. I don't think I will even remember it until Saturday morning, after going out with lots of my friends on Friday night, but it will have changed. They say (not sure who, but I know they do) that life is for living and no one can accuise me of not living life to the full, it's a shame that work has to get in the way really.

I have been really lucky over the last few weeks ( well 4 weeks and one day but who's counting)I have met a new friend who I seem to be spending more and more time with. We have the same sense of humor and seem to spend most of the time laughing. I had forgotten how nice it felt to be cuddled, so keep your fingers crossed that I get cuddled for a long time to come.

Lou, my eldest daughter is now back at Uni in Portsmouth. I picked her up back in June. It was the day England we playing their first world cup game. I had planned to leave Bristol very early so we could load the car up and get back in time to watch the match over the pub. Nothing ever goes to plan in my life and I over slept, not just by 10 minutes or even half an hour. But by a whole two hours. We managed to get back in time just to see the kick off. It was no surprise a few weeks later when the postman delivered a speeding fine through my door. I did phone up the number on the letter and tried to plead with the man on the end of the phone, but unfortunately he wasn't a footy fan so I now have the first points in 30 years on my driving licence.

Lou has now moved out of Halls and is sharing a house with 3 of the people she met at uni during her first year. I knew she took after me when she told me her 3 house mates were all men, well one is her boyfriend, Jack, who is a lovely young man but maybe a little misguided as he supports Ipswich. They seemed to have settled in well and I expect Lou has given them their orders as to how she wants the house kept, keep up the good work Lou.

Lou and Jack when they were showing me around Portsmouth.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fame at Last - for me and Harry

Well what do you know? My blog was just in our local evening paper. Not that I spotted it, my friend phoned me to let me know.
The Bristol Evening Post have a section called 'This is Bristol' and in last Friday's edition there it was. An edited excerpt from my blog about Harry the hedgehog.
It was just the incentive I needed to get back into my blogging again. So hi everyone, I'm back.