Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Bit of This, a Bit of That and a Bit of The Other

In just two days time I am going to have to make a small change to my profile. I have mixed feelings about this. I don't think I will even remember it until Saturday morning, after going out with lots of my friends on Friday night, but it will have changed. They say (not sure who, but I know they do) that life is for living and no one can accuise me of not living life to the full, it's a shame that work has to get in the way really.

I have been really lucky over the last few weeks ( well 4 weeks and one day but who's counting)I have met a new friend who I seem to be spending more and more time with. We have the same sense of humor and seem to spend most of the time laughing. I had forgotten how nice it felt to be cuddled, so keep your fingers crossed that I get cuddled for a long time to come.

Lou, my eldest daughter is now back at Uni in Portsmouth. I picked her up back in June. It was the day England we playing their first world cup game. I had planned to leave Bristol very early so we could load the car up and get back in time to watch the match over the pub. Nothing ever goes to plan in my life and I over slept, not just by 10 minutes or even half an hour. But by a whole two hours. We managed to get back in time just to see the kick off. It was no surprise a few weeks later when the postman delivered a speeding fine through my door. I did phone up the number on the letter and tried to plead with the man on the end of the phone, but unfortunately he wasn't a footy fan so I now have the first points in 30 years on my driving licence.

Lou has now moved out of Halls and is sharing a house with 3 of the people she met at uni during her first year. I knew she took after me when she told me her 3 house mates were all men, well one is her boyfriend, Jack, who is a lovely young man but maybe a little misguided as he supports Ipswich. They seemed to have settled in well and I expect Lou has given them their orders as to how she wants the house kept, keep up the good work Lou.

Lou and Jack when they were showing me around Portsmouth.


Boo said...

Are congrats in order for your good news? That's a great picture of your daughter. Love the architecture.

Boo said...

I think I figured it out. Happy birthday (I think)...

Ladybristol said...

Yes it was my birthday boo, thanks.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

Damned perceptive rabbit... must be an engineer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and welcome back!