Monday, October 02, 2006

Fame at Last - for me and Harry

Well what do you know? My blog was just in our local evening paper. Not that I spotted it, my friend phoned me to let me know.
The Bristol Evening Post have a section called 'This is Bristol' and in last Friday's edition there it was. An edited excerpt from my blog about Harry the hedgehog.
It was just the incentive I needed to get back into my blogging again. So hi everyone, I'm back.


ill man said...

Welcome back Mrs!

Billy said...

Oooh well done :)

Ladybristol said...

Thank you mr!

Mohawk Chieftain said...

If you win a Pulitzer, will you still mingle with the little people who were there with you... on the way up?

Ladybristol said...

Ummm. sorry? who were you???

Of course I'll never forget you chief, how could I?