Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gig Tickets?

I received a card from the postman last Friday saying that he had tried to deliver a special delivery letter but there was no one home so he took it back to the sorting office. I would have to wait 48 hours until I could go and collect it. My daughter and I tied to guess what it could be and all we could come up with was gig tickets which she has ordered, off my card again, for another band I had not heard of.

The earliest I could collect them would be Monday.

Well Monday I overslept (which was expected as I had been at the pub Sunday night celebrating Plymouth beating Derby on Sky Sports) so didn't have time before work to pick the letter up.

Tuesday I was on duty and so had to be at work on time. I could have gotten out of bed earlier but as I thought it was only gig tickets it didn't seem worth it.

Today, Wednesday, I got out of bed on time but didn't feel a bit like going to work. I sat drinking coffee for about an hour before I could even force myself to get in the car and drive to work. We were supposed to have a team meeting at 10am but as the manager is away, we decided, as a team, we wouldn't bother. There came my chance to go and pick up my letter.

I got to the sorting office at about 10.30 and collected the letter. Got back into my car and looked at the envelope. It didn't feel like gig tickets, more like a credit card or something of that size.

As I opened the letter I spotted Mickey Mouse. To my surprise it was my Disney tickets.

Now I know my holiday is not far off.

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