Sunday, October 08, 2006

Was it The Vodka or The Fish?

It's Sunday again and I would usually be dreading tomorrow coming but this week I'm not. As well as having Friday off work, in celebration of my birthday, I have Monday off too. I'm not too sure how I am going to use the extra time I have at home, but I'm sure I will find something exciting to do.

Friday I did very little during the day. Some washing, some other stuff around the house but nothing to shout about. As I was going out for the evening I thought I would have something to eat early and have a drink at home before venturing to the pub with my friends. I decided to have some fish and crackers, healthy but filling.
All was going well. My best mate Lesley was there and her partner, they don't go out often together so it was nice to see them, and a few other friends and I had drinks lined up for me on the table. Then all of a sudden I felt quite ill. Was it the drink? Was it the fish? I will never know but I was home in bed by 10pm, drinks left for others to have. I did make up for it last night though. I managed to stay out till closing time, and had a really great night.

Well another year older and another year wiser. Umm I know I am older but I have yet to see evidence of being wiser.

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