Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot Stuff

I've just come back from my hols in turkey and it was so hot. I went with family and friends and although the place we went was not quite what I was expecting we still had a great time.

I took lots of photo's and video, which I am still trying to upload to my pc, not sure why but my camcorder is not recognised.

My brother went paragliding from 6000 ft, jumping off a huge mountain and landing in one piece about 45 minutes later. I think he was really brave. You wouldn't see me jumping off a low wall let alone somewhere in the sky too high to see with the naked eye. He took some nice video on the way down and I managed to get him coming into land by the beach.

Another video I managed to get was of my niece on the last night. She was very drunk and we've threatened to post it on Utube!

Anyway more about my holiday when I get the video to work.

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Lord Hutton said...

Seen the paragliders. Insania!