Monday, January 07, 2008

FA Cup Draw - Visit to Pompey Already Planned

Do you believe in fate?
A friend texted me this at the weekend:
"Two nil to the Super Saints. Bring on Portsmouth. Actually better not"
The Super Saints he was referring to was Southampton football club. Yes I know they're not that supper at the moment, but that's not the point. Then today we had the draw for the next round of the FA cup. Did Southampton get Portsmouth away? No, we did, Plymouth Argyle.

Who did Southampton get? Well they got a home game against either struggling Championship team Norwich or Bury who are currently at 18th place in league two. Knowing Southampton's luck they will get Bury.

There is one good thing to come out of the draw, I get to go visit my daughter two weeks earlier than planned and watch the Portsmouth/Plymouth game, I had already arranged to visit on the 16th Feb to watch the Southampton/Plymouth game. Now I have two trips to make in two weeks.


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