Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anti-Freeze Anniversary

For all you men who have been with that someone special for 7 years you had better watch out.

It is a known fact that after seven years of living with the same person there's nothing you would like better than to get rid of them. Many just leave for a newer model. Some leave to start life on the single scene again, free to take home and experience new pleasures with whoever they want. While others take it a step further.

Poor Kate now faces a long time without money
Take Kate Knight for example. She and Lee had been married for the dreaded 7 years to the day when she tired to kill him with curry. Lee must have thought that she had cooked him the meal for their 7th anniversary out of love and devotion, but Kate had other reasons for the meal. You see curry has a strong flavour and so must have hid the taste of the anti-freeze she had added to the special dinner.
Lee don't look too happy but at least he's still here
I don't know who Kate’s solicitor was and why they didn't just say she was having a period at the time and didn't know what she was doing, but poor Kate has just been found guilty of attempted murder, she was hoping to get her hands on her Lee's life insurance.

As 29th February approaches all men should be on their guard for women out to catch someone with a large insurance policy or this could be you in 7 years time.
So who's going to be out in Bristol this Friday night??

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