Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Is Quiet

It looks like next year will be really quiet for me.

Over the last couple of months some people, well only men, have been saying that I am really aggressive or rude when I talk so I have decided to change my ways and try to be more agreeable and not voice my opinion.

This will be hard for me as I am used to saying what I think and I don't beat around the bush when I'm saying it. I say it how it is and, as I have found, people don't like to hear the truth in a straight forward way.

Here's to a very, very quiet 2010

Happy New Year everyone!


Lord Hutton said...

Do it. Say what you like. You obviously associate with the wrong sort of men!
Oh and Happy New Year.

Ladybristol said...

I wish I could find the right sort My Lord :)

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) you should look at that emo boy one on this blog:

scaRRedxsOuL said...

u don't know me and so my opinion is probably nullified.. but i think u should say whatever u want, whenever u want. only someone who needs total control of another person would deny them their basic right of speech.. weak ass men don't deserve someone like u! :-)

leege said...

To be honest i like that in a women , i mean there is nothing worse than a women which you have to second guess all the time , so i also think your going for the wrong men (sorry)

Hey like i said on another post of you could easily find the right sort of man, just open your eyes dont expect him to come along and i am sure her will..

All the best for 2010 , if you would ever like a coffee i am really good at talking relationships as long as its not my own ..

Legion x

Nicoletta Voneckardt said...

If you became quiet and meek it would be a lie. Just imagine dating a man for 6 months, you start to feel comfortable and then the real you comes out. Don't waste your time hiding. Spend it shining instead. Besides, who wants a weenie man that can't even take your opinion?

Dante's Heir said...

I agree with Lord Hutton! Be yourself! Don't stifle your own opinion for the sake of some guy who may or may not be right for you! Besides, if you silence yourself, they won't fall in love with you...they'll fall in love with the silent, supressed version of you!

Strider said...

Hi Lady
think you must be ready for some new yesr fun! After all it will soon be spring.

Ladybristol said...

Thanks to all, I think you are all right and I should just be me. And yes Strider, It's time for some fun :)