Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Going Home!!!

After living in Bristol for 30 years at last I will be going home. I have taken voluntary severance from work but can't leave until October so I am trying to fill my time as much as I can so the day comes quicker!

My daughter and her husband have already moved to Plymouth and I am off to visit them next weekend. We have planned a day out on Saturday and I expect we will end the day in the pub. Sunday we will be going out for lunch before having to head back to Bristol ready for another week in work but it will be another week closer to my leaving date.

At the beginning of August I am off to Amsterdam for a week. It's been about 35 years since I was there last and that was with my sister's in-laws on a coach trip. I'm sure this time it will be very different as I am gong with a friend from work who is as mad as a hatter.

August also brings Fake Festival to Keynsham Bristol so I'll be there with the same friend enjoying the music and having a couple of drinks, hope it doesn't rain!

September brings a trip to Benidorm. I've never been there before but my friend assures me that we will have a good time but may be in need of a holiday by the time we get home. My friend has chooses the dates especially to coincide with a group of her male friends who are over there on a stag do. Sounds like it will be quite a messy time!

October is the start of the 70's weekend in Brean which I go to every year. This time I am dragging my friend with me. I'm really looking forward to meeting up with friends I have made there on previous years and seeing what everyone is dressed in. Everyone really gets into the spirit of the 70's and wear costumes that reflect the bands of the time.

By the time the 70's weekend is over I will have left my job but the hard work will just be beginning. I have to sell my house here in Bristol and try and find a house in Plymouth. I then have to decide what job I want to do when I get there. I have a few ideas which have no relation to what I do now and will be a new challenge for me. Although I am sure it will be a little stressful I am so looking forward to starting the next adventure in my life.

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