Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glastonbury Mud!

Fortunately Glastonbury missed the worst of Tuesday's torrential downpours, but as the gates open and traffic around Worthy Farm increases, the mud looks set to deepen.
The rest of Wednesday will not be too bad on the site. There may be one or two light showers during the day, but it should be largely dry and bright, albeit quite breezy. But the winds are probably stronger now than at any time during the rest of the Festival. Temperatures will reach 19 degrees - barely average for mid June.
Tonight will not be too chilly with temperatures of around 11 degrees but some showers are likely soon after dawn and the risk of showers will increase through the day with some heavy downpours mid to late afternoon. Thursday will be cooler than Wednesday with a maximum temperature of 18 degrees.
Friday is expected to be a smilar day to Thursday with spells of sunshine broken up by heavy showers. With very light winds on Friday there is a chance that any showers which fall could last for quite some time. (But looking on the brighter side, the sunshine - when it appears - should last for some time.)
Over the weekend it is expected to remain showery but it will also turn cooler with temperatures of 17 or 18 degrees by day, and as low as 7 or 8 degrees overnight.
So be prepared for wet conditions but do not forget to take a suitable sunscreen because you will get some sunshine down in the Somerset countryside.
For a five day forecast, go to BBC's Weather for Shepton Mallet.
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