Saturday, October 20, 2007

Can You Fix It?

Life is quiet at the moment, well apart from having 4 puppies running around.

I've not been out all week but will be going to a friends tonight to watch the rugby. I think England have a really good chance of taking the World Cup twice in a row and I will be cheering them on with a glass in hand.

The house seems really quiet now with Lou back in Portsmouth and Amy out most of the time. I think it must be a que for me to find a new interest. Ummmm, I'll have to have a good think about what I enjoy doing and go do it.

My car has died on me. There's been a noise coming from the engine for a while now, which I thought was due to the fan belt slipping. Well, while driving back from picking Amy up on Thursday, there was a loud noise and my dash board lights lit up as though Christmas had come early. We managed to get home and I parked the car in the drive. I decided, as it was dark, to look at it in the morning to see what was going on under the bonnet. When I looked the fan belt had gone. Not one piece of evidence to suggest there had ever been one there to start with. Now the car is stuck in the drive until I can find someone to fix it for me.


doctor chip said...

OH, MY.....

Dear Lady, it has been far too long. My condolences on the unruly demise of said Automobile; if I did not live in Baltimore, I would offer a helping hand.

Alas. I can offer you no more than a pithy quip, and a Holiday Greeting:




oh, and a smile...



Ladybristol said...

Baltimore sounds good for a holiday :) I'll leave the car home!