Monday, October 15, 2007

Ready to Go

Summer having her dinner
The puppies are 8 weeks old tomorrow and they were checked by the vet last week and all are in very good health. Summer will be going for her first jab on Thursday, an experience I don't think she will enjoy much.
Ollie will be the first to go to his new home and I am sure he will be very spoilt. His new family have been to see him a couple of times and have been surprised eash time how much he has grown.
They are planning to show him so I will be visiting his new home when he's a bit older to help get him ready for the show ring. I am also planning to show Summer so they will be seeing each other a few times a year. I wonder if they will remember each other? Time will tell.

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doctor chip said...

I've heard it said that dogs never forget a scent...
... and, that they can smell "family" (ie: that if your brother comes by, they smell that he's one of yours).