Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back-up CD - What Will You Find?

I was looking at some old back-up cd's and found this on one of them. I'm not sure what it is or why I have it but I thought the words were quite good. Anyone know where it comes from?


sit and stare silently,
is she still a mistake?
did you see her thoughts,
open in her eyes?
she thought the same of you
didn't want to tell you.

If you still feel the same,
three words will fix it
tell her the truth,
set you both free.

You're not a mistake now,
she just lives in fear.
waiting for this day,
the day of doubt to come.

Don't wait to be asked,
clear up this confusion.
end it now,
she won't collapse and die
No matter what you want
tell her the truth

is she still a mistake?
was it only the distance,
the one that doesn't exist?
spontaneously you say this to her,
expect no questions,
you can't be serious?

Don't leave her thinking
like a tumour in her brain
wearing down her thoughts
just tell it to her straight
leave the sugarcoating
that she doesn't need

Don't push her here
in her mind alone
don't make her think this through
just tell it to her straight
set you both free.

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