Monday, March 02, 2009

Drink Driving, Cheating Husbands

How often do you hear the words 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'?

I seem to be using the phrase a lot lately, sometimes saying it to myself about something I have done or said, but mostly about something someone else is saying.

I am well known by my friends to 'tell it how it is', honest, upfront and to the point. This can be challenging for some to accept, especially some men I know. I'm not sure if I hurt their ego or if they just think they are perfect, but they just don't seem to recognise the truth even when told to them face to face.

I do understand that words can be very hurtful and even if you say nothing, that can also be hurtful, so I do try to be diplomatic so not too unnecessarily hurt someone, but it doesn't always work out how I want.

There are a group of people at the moment, mostly men, who think nothing of talking behind my back, questioning my honesty with something they are all involved in. There is one man who is stirring them all up and 'spreading the word' of how I am fixing the thing they are involved in. This man was found out the other week. He had told me something and I found out what he had told me was lies and since this he has made it his business to dirty my name on every occasion he can. He even put a cryptic message on his status on facebook about me.

If I wanted I could make life quite difficult for a lot of these men. I could start telling some truths about them. I could tell their wives / partners that most of them have asked me to sleep with them, but I wouldn't. I could have reported most of them for drink driving, but I haven't. I am not a vindictive person and I get no joy out of seeing someone else get hurt. I just wish people would look at their own principles and honestly before questioning mine.


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