Sunday, July 02, 2006

All Hot and Bothered

Two things have made me hot and bothered today.

One being the England game. I think the only thing I can say about the match is that England are consistent in their play, not at all good. The second thing is my house.

Last night in bed I was so hot, I kept throwing the quilt off, which is most unlike me. I now know the reason why it was so hot. I watched the England game at the pub and when I got home my sitting room was like a sauna. I discovered the heating was on. The temperature outside is in the late 20s, so you can imagine how hot it was inside. My youngest daughter has gone to visit family for the weekend and my guessing is that she needed to dry some clothes before she went and put the heating on. Only she forgot to turn it off. Amy you're in trouble when you get home.

Going back to the England match. The landlord of the pub I went to is Portuguese which not many people know, but me being very nosy, I have found out everything about him. After the extra time had been played he came up to me and whispered in my ear 'I don't think I should shout if Portugal score in the penalties' I agreed with this as the crowd were very noisy, but happy, singing football songs. That is until England lost the match then all hell broke loose. I was sat in the lounge and it wasn't too bad in there, just one man throw one drink. But in the other side of the pub, The Bar, bottles and glasses went flying everywhere. By the time the 'fans' had finished it looked like, in the landlords words, 'A Shit Pit'

Can't England fans even go to their local pub and behave. It's no wonder we have such a bad name abroad.


ill man said...

Sad stuff Viv. Feel sorry for the players and the fans that went to Germany though.

I have no explanation for the behaviour of English fans at home.

corin said...

Why would anyone possibly expect anything different of an England team taking penalties? I can't remember England ever winning from such a situation.

I have a certain sympathy with the England fans. But, really, try being a Welsh rugby fan for a few years. Then you'll understand pain!

Ladybristol said...

Hi Corin

Maybe we both will have more luck supporting our teams in the Tiddlywinks World Championships.

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