Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bikes and Mud Don't Go!!

Not much to say really. Football last night was good. Football tonight was boring. I've been busy with my new fitness regime. Monday was swimming, last night I went on a bike ride and tomorrow is swimming again.

The bike ride was fun. We decided to go on a different path and we ended up riding through fields and along what seemed like a jungle track. Because of the heavy rain we had yesterday, the track was full of puddles and mud and at one point my bike decided to stop in the middle of one of the puddles. Needless to say I got a bit wet. My bike was playing up a bit and I need to find a man who knows more about bikes than I do, which won't be hard as I know nothing. The gears keep slipping and trying to ride up hill is a nightmare.

Better get off to bed now so I have the energy for my swim.

Although this is not me, the track was just like this one. Never again!!!


ill man said...

Stick to the easy stuff, that's what I reckon. You probably ended up doing a route that would have challenged a pro mountain biker.

Am I alone in being happy that the god-awful Portugese won't make it to the World Cup final? Every game of theirs i've watched has bored me senseless.

Or maybe last nights game just raised our hopes a little too much.

Ladybristol said...

I think I will be keeping to the paths next time.
And you're not alone in your happiness. Apart from the fact they knocked England out, who themselves never played a good game, they were boring to watch. i am looking forward to the final, I think it will be italy.

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gordon said...

I've recently taken up "mountain" biking. Have to say I enjoy the muddy bits. The dirt WILL wash off eventually. Keep up the blogging.
That's another thing I'm new to and it's good to see people do it well.