Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have two dogs both very friendly and excitable. I got the first one when, after being burgled twice, the police advised it would be the best deterrent. She's a really good house dog and lets me know if anyone even comes near the house let alone in the garden. The second one I got to show but as she doesn't like other dogs, she very shy, her show career didn't last long.
In this lovely weather I usually leave the back door open so they can go in and out as they please. If they start to bark at anyone I usually go out have a look and call them in so they don't cause my neighbours any disturbance. Although the neighbour whose house over looks my garden says he likes the dogs to bark if anyone is there so he can check too, he has also been burgled.
Anyway, tonight the dogs where out in the garden and started barking furiously. On investigating I found they had come across a hedgehog, curled up, on our patio. I haven't seen a hedgehog for years and it took me back to when I was a kid living on the outskirts of Plymouth and all the garden animals we used to see then. My daughter came out and suggested we put down some food for it. Me, being a big softy, agreed and put out a plate of dog food and dish of water for it. I came back in to check on the internet that I had done the right thing and by the time I went back out it had gone.
Now I have a disappointed daughter and two dogs sniffing around the garden, trying to find it. I think if it comes back tomorrow night we will have to name it. Harry comes to mind but as that's a bit boring I am open to suggestions. So get your thinking caps on and let me know what you think our new pet should be called.


ill man said...


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Luize said...

He will come back...he wanders the hill. Didn't see him tonight though.
I suggest Elnor or Kelvin.


Anonymous said...

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Ladybristol said...

maybe a mixture of all three. I'll have to see what I can come up with.

tnanks anonymous - shame you've not left a link

Anonymous said...

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Ladybristol said...

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sb4444 said...

Hi, I've got a hedgehog that's started coming into the house via the cat-flap. They don't seem very afraid of humans. The other night I was sitting in the kitchen and it came in and had a munch of the cat food and then decided to have a look behind the fridge.

I would be happy to leave it be, but I think it was in last night and has left me a little reminder that they don't do house training! So I think I'll have to invest in a radio-controlled cat flap.