Friday, December 01, 2006

Well done Southampton, but not for long

Well I suppose I have to give credit to Southampton. They have managed to go higher than Plymouth in the Championship. Well done and good luck for the second part of the season, I have a feeling you may need it.
At the pub tonight I got talking to a guy who had 4, yes 4 favourite teams. His first was Bristol Rovers. Now that must tell anyone reading what kind of a guy he is, a loser. His second was Bristol city. A little better than Rovers but still not quite there. His third was Cardiff. When he told me this all sorts of comments came out of my mouth about sheep and the Welsh and then a friend of his said , ' he's from Wales' did I looked bothered? You guessed right. No way.
Well his last team was Man U. anyone who has a crap first team supports Man u so that don't count.
I think I will stick to my beloved Plymouth Argyle and only have one true team which I support and have only positive thoughts about. One day we will get to the premiership but now is not the right time.


cookie monster said...

hi there.

just wanted to say hi after stopping by your blog, and to express sympathy with a fellow lower league fan. in fact i recall watching my lot beat plymouth 4-1 in freezing fog one night. (you are a plymouth fan right? coz my little joke/gloat there would be pretty pointless if not!)

Ladybristol said...

Hi to you too cookie monster and thanks for dropping by.
Yes my team are Plymouth so who are yours and was that a recent thrashing you gave us or was it way in the past?

cookie monster said...

my team is the mighty Gillingham and it was way, way in the past, in 1996!