Thursday, December 14, 2006

Flexible Spanking

I've just decided, after watching 'The Secretary' that my job is quite boring really.

What happens if I get a spelling wrong?

My boss corrects it for me.

What happens to me if I make a wrong decision?

My manager tells me how to do it differently next time.

I think I need a much firmer boss.

One who can take control.

One who isn't afraid to show his strength and power over me.

On second thoughts,

I do like my job and the flexibility I have with it.

I do like to have the freedom that most jobs don't offer.

Maybe I'll think about changing next year.

For now I think I can put up with a boss that lets me think for myself.


doctor chip said...

here, I expected some kind of Christmas post, and I get...


well, for what it's worth... flexibility is important in one's professional position...


Happy Holidays, Dear Lady!!



EmmaK said...

Sure it would be lovely to be spanked for one's misdemeanors at work, but only if the spanker was a hottee. Is your boss hot?

Ladybristol said...

Hi Chip. Hope you had a good Christmas and have a very happy new year.

As to the spanking - When did you say you would be over!!

Take care

Emmak Hi,
they do say that beauty is only skin deep - that's all I will say on the subject :)

Happy holidays


Katie n Samuel said...

Happy new Year, thanks for the comments in 2006 on our space, all the best for 2007.

Hope you continue to enjoy the ramblings and our brand new look for the new year!

Tinkerbell & Squidge xx

Anonymous said...

Where's your Blog updates gone? It's some time since the last of your interesting updates.

Kilroy_60 said...

We're having a blog carnival. Maybe you might like to play along...
For Your Success

Mangonel said...

New here - so that's not a picture of you then?

The James Spader character in sex, lies and videotape? *would*. Only on camera mind.

Chandira said...

I'm with Emma on that one.. Depends if your boss is hot or not. ;-)

Hey Lady In Bristol, that's my own home town, and I'm proud of it.. I'll be back. I'm not particularly a footie fan, but I bet you'll make me homesick in other ways. :-)