Sunday, February 11, 2007

Exciting Times

It’s quite an exciting time for me at the mo. In Bristol, where I live, we are all on tender hooks as to how Bristol City will do on Tuesday in their replay of the FA cup match against Middlesbrough. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to watch the first match with my daughter, Lou. We had a brilliant time, even if we were freezing cold. This time I will be inside watching the action on Sky Sports.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I will be travelling down to Plymouth next Saturday to watch Plymouth Argyle in their FA match against Derby County.

Although Derby are top of the Championship, I think we are in with a real chance of beating them. The last time the two teams met at Home Park, Plymouth’s home ground, Plymouth managed to slaughter Derby in a 3-1 win. The next time the pair met was at Pride Park Stadium, home of Derby. There Derby managed a 1-0 victory. That was back in December 2006. At the time Derby were 3rd in the championship and Plymouth were down at 13th. With the game on Saturday being played at Home park I think this gives Plymouth a huge advantage, after all we have one of the best fan followings in the Championship.

I would like to ask the workers who work on the motorways – If it snows next Saturday could you all work on the M5 to keep it clear? – Thanks x

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Boo said...

Thanks for the kind words over on my blog. You need to post more often than every other month. You must be pretty busy.