Thursday, February 15, 2007


I phoned the insurance company last night who advised me to take my car to one of their named garages to get the damage looked at. I enquired about a hire car due to the head light not working and so not road worthy. I was told they would only provide me with one while the work was being carried out or in the event of it being uneconomical to repair, the time it takes to negotiate what will happen to the car. I was not pleased about this as I need to be able to drive my car at all times of the day and night both for work and my social life.
Anyway this morning I phoned the garage and was surprised I could take it down straight away and they would look at it while I waited. Ater a phone call to work to say I would be late off I went to the garage.

A nice chap, with an Australian accent took my keys and off he went. About 10 minutes later he came back and told me he would need to take the car in so he could carry out a more in-depth inspection as the damage was such that it may be the insurance company may write it off. I explained to the man that I needed a car both for my job and that I was going away for the weekend and so needed it for that. He was a nice man and said that he would arrange for a loan car for me. I explained what my insurance company had said and asked if I would have to pay for it. He said that it was all part of their service to costumers and that the garage would be paying. I could have kissed him, well if he had been a bit younger I may have.
Now I am just waiting for a phone call telling me when to drop my car off and pick up the loan car, which should be sometime before Saturday.

I hope it’s a nice red sports car but I expect it will be a dull white family car.


Well we can all dream!


marcela said...

insurance writes off the cars not rights off.. just for your info.

marcela said...

anyway most important is not the spelling but that you are ok

Ladybristol said...

Umm well I think they will be right off the mark if they write off my car :)