Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Middlesbrough / Bristol City, so, so close

What a game!

I was on the edge of my seat from kick off to the end of the penalty shot out. Bristol City played well and for a lot of the game they were the better team.

After watching their first meeting with Middlesbrough at Ashton Park a couple of Saturdays ago, where they held them to a 2 all draw, I knew the replay would be a close match, I didn’t realise just how close it would be. It’s a shame the game was played on a working night. I would have loved to have gone and watched them and joined in with the cheers of the crowd but work had me firmly in Bristol.

I had planned on going to the pub to watch the game but I was off work yesterday with a streaming cold so didn’t really feel like going out, at least I could shout and swear in the comfort of my own home.

Middlesbrough Celebrate

I was back to work today, much to the surprise of my colleagues as they thought I would be off for the rest of the week, but with so much work to do at the moment I can’t afford to take much time off.

The day was going well up until 3pm when someone from my team said that mine and my manager’s car had been hit by another car which had driven off. To say I was angry would be a gross underestimate of how I was feeling. The words that came out of my mouth would have put even the most harden criminal to shame.

We went out to look to see what damage had been caused. My manager’s car had been hit in the back, shoving it at least 10 foot along the road. My car had a smashed headlight and dents and scratches all down the driver’s side and a broken wing mirror.

It’s not so much the damage that’s annoying but the inconvenience of having to take it to the garage to get an estimate and then wait for the insurance company to say if they are going to pay for the repairs or write it off. My car is not a new one and as such is not worth that much so I have a feeling the damage will cost more to put right than the car is worth. I’m glad I took the hire car option with the insurance, at least I get 3 weeks of car rental if I have to look for a new one.

Oh and to the driver who drove off, keep looking over your shoulder, we are on your trail!


Lu said...

You should know by now that it is Ashton Gate not park!

Ladybristol said...

I must have been thinking about the mighty Argyle again :)