Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ebay Lolly

Well I've decided to have a clear out as I'm not at work at the mo and I've found some things from my cat showing days.

So far I've put three items on for auction and I've sold one of them, the others still have several days to run.

I was very honest when listing my item that I've sold and even told the bidders that the retail price for the item, which they can still buy either online or in shops, was £24.45. My item started at £7.50 with £3.50 postage costs.

When my item got to £15 I was pleased. Then this happened:

£31.00 13-Mar-07 10:18:40 GMT
£30.00 12-Mar-07 17:46:58 GMT
£25.99 12-Mar-07 13:45:58 GMT
£25.00 12-Mar-07 17:10:03 GMT
£20.99 12-Mar-07 13:45:28 GMT
£15.00 07-Mar-07 21:09:18 GMT

I'm not sure why anyone in their right minds would pay £31 plus £3.50 postage when they could get it for £24.45 but whatever their reason, I have the money and they now have my unwanted item. Lets hope it makes them happy.

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VI said...

I love it when that happens. I used to sell weight watchers guides on Ebay, that I would buy in the meetings and sell triple the value! Some people are just plain thick.