Monday, March 19, 2007

You're So Gorgeous

This morning I went to the dentist, which is not one of my favourite past times. My usual dentist is a nice lady called Amanda, but today the dentist was a man in his early 30's tall, dark and yes, very handsome. In fact I would go as far to say he was gorgeous. I'm only glad he is my dentist and not my gynaecologist and it was my mouth I was opening and nothing else.

Anyway I sat in his chair, well, laid for most of the time, while he pushed and prodded at my teeth, talking to me all the time, in his smooth, deep voice, to try and alleviate the nervousness I was feeling. Well it worked and all I could think about was his hands in my mouth.

After he had finished I got out of the chair and was disappointed when he turned and said, 'Your next visit will be with Amanda. She double booked today but she will make sure you can see her next time'

Next time I register with a dentist I will insist I get to look at them first and not ask for the lady because I think they will be gentler, after all what's a little pain and suffering when there's a gorgeous man gazing at you.

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