Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dog's Day Out

It's been a busy week for one of the puppies. Wendy, Ollie's new owner, had entered him for two shows. One Easter Monday and the other today.
Everything was new to both him and Wendy and they both coped very well.
At the first show Ollie was in a class with about 9 other dogs, some of which had been showing themselves off for years. Ollie, being a very lively dog, thought he was there to play with all the other dogs in the ring and as he walked around first tried to play with the dog in front of him and then the one behind him but they were having none of it.

The judge picked out about 5 dogs to stay in the ring but unfortunately Ollie wasn't one of them but he did do well for his first ever show.

Today we went to Shepton Mallet, Bath and West Show Ground. I had asked Wendy to phone me at 7.15am to wake me up so I wouldn't be late to pick her up at 8.30. I left home at 8 giving myself 30 minutes to do the 30 minute journey to her home, even in the Saturday morning traffic that would be plenty. Well it would have been if I hadn't got lost again.

When I did arrive at her home it was nearer to 9am and I was panicking. Wendy lives near the M5 and so we had to go straight across to the other side of Bristol to get onto the A37 and once on the right road we still had the drive to Shepton Mallet.

We arrived at the show ground with about 10 minutes to spare. We quickly put the table up, Wendy did Ollie's hair and they were off, into the ring, to show off to the judge.

There were 5 dogs in the class and they were all puppies, but only one was younger than Ollie so Ollie was still at some disadvantage.
He walk around the ring like he owned the place. Head high and proud and tail up and over his back, just as it should be, he looked lovely. Then came the time to put him on the table so the judge could have a good look at him.
He stood and waited for her and as she approached he decided she was a long lost friend and jumped up at her, tail wagging so fast his hair was going everywhere.
The judge tried to calm him by talking to him but this made him worse and so after a quick look Wendy was asked to walk him around the ring again and then back in line with the other dogs.

The judge took her time, looking at all the dogs again and then she picked out the winner, then the 2nd placed and 3rd. She then turned and picked Ollie, he had come 4th. Wendy was very happy with the placing and Ollie was just Ollie, trying to play with any dog which come within smelling distance.

Now sat at home and watching my two puppies, nicked named the terrible twins, I wonder if they will ever be ready to go into the show ring or am I doomed to have two hairy dogs that never grow up!
Ollie's Family

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