Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today I went swimming in a local public pool. There were two little girls, about 5 years old, in the pool with a woman, I don't know if it was their mum but I suspect it was.

We were in the pool for about 15 minutes just swimming up and down, then up and down again, when I noticed the two girls were in the pool without the woman. As I reached the end of the pool they were in, I looked to the side of the pool and the woman was there, stood under the shower, not taking any notice of the girls in the water. The girls were playing happily and making lots of noise like young children do.

After some persuasion, from the woman, the two girls got out and went and joined the woman under the shower. I carried on swimming back up to the other end of the pool. On my way back down I could hear the girls still to the side of the pool and as I got to the end of the pool I could see them, standing under the shower, the woman was just going out of sight around into the changing rooms.

The two little girls were now stood under the shower with no clothes on. I watched as a man got out of the pool and went and stood under the shower next to the girls. He was there for no more than 5 seconds and then moved off into the changing room, glancing at the girls on the way.

Five minutes past and there was no sign of the woman's return and not wanting it to seem I was staring at the girls I decided to do another up and down of the pool taking about 3-4 minutes. The girls were still there, naked, with no adult with them, stood playing under the shower.

Several other people had gotten out of the pool while I was swimming and the only way from the pool to the changing rooms was past the girls. After about another 2 minutes the woman came back holding a towel and the girls, after a little while, went to join her and walked into the changing room with her.

The situation this woman put these two girls in was quite concerning to me.

Why, when there are private showers in the changing rooms, would she leave them there, in a very vulnerable state? This is a public swimming pool and so the woman would not have known what sort of people were using the pool.

Why take off their swim suits, leaving their small bodies exposed to anyone who wanted to look at them?

Why take any chances with children when there are so many unsavoury people living around us?

These are questions I would have liked to have asked her and if I was at work I would have. I would have told her about the 5 year old girl I interviewed once and had tears rolling down my face by the time she had finished telling me about her trip to the seaside with her 'uncle'

I hope next time she takes them swimming she thinks twice about who else may be in the pool and the importance of keeping her children safe.


Lord Hutton said...

Not good at all in a public place. It makes you wonder how often the children are left vulnerable at other times

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. This makes me very thoughtful. Time was (in the 50's) when I was a lad, we all used to go to the pool and everyone knew who the odd people were. There used to be this bloke we all called "bummer bolen" At 7 years old, I hardly understood what that meant.

I think life for children is both more and less dangerous these days. More dangerous because there appear to be more men actually "at it" and Chidren really aren't encouraged to be self-sufficient anymore and develop their own Radar. Less dangerous because of the general awareness of safety issues maybe ?

Great post mate


Anonymous said...

Why the fuck didn't you say anything to that stupid twat at the time instead of blogging about it now??

That is just the type of chickenshit type of response I would expect from from a Brit.

If you lived in Australia and that happened, or even is USA, that ho would have been called out by ANYONE there when she came back to get her kids. As for that cumsucking shitbag who eyed the girls, what what kind of sick motherfucking asshole goes up and stands by naked kids anyway? That is the kind of bullshit that just shows what a fucking shithole Bristol really is!

What in the fuck is the matter with you people?? Oh, and have nice day...

Anonymous said...

Yea...Australia leads the world in most all things. Wonderful country Australia. Shame about the 95% of rude, uneducated, racist, bigotted, stupid, uncultured, disingenuous twats that live there!


Ladybristol said...

Thanks for your comments - most interesting.

Shame someone had to show what the people are really like in the country they come from.

To make assumptions regarding people can lead to wrong decisions being made.

For example the man who got out of the pool (''that cumsucking shitbag who eyed the girls'') 'was there for no more than 5 seconds and then moved off into the changing room, glancing at the girls on the way,' was embarrassed to be there and not eyeing the girls up. Remember this was a public place where the man was entitled to be. It is innocent people like him that feel they no longer can even look at a child without being labelled by someone ready to give him a bashing.

Please think before you comment again at how you are making yourself look.