Saturday, March 01, 2008

Just Another Friday Night

She walked in from the outside area where they had been banished and draped her arms around his neck. “You ok luvvy?” she asked.

He turned looked at her then stood up, picked up his chair, so it towered above her head and went to throw it across the room. She quickly moved around him so she was stood in-between him and the rest of the room.

“What the fuck are you doing? Put that chair down!” she shouted. He did as she told him but his eyes were fixed on someone across the room. She followed his gaze and found a stocky lady in her 40’s sat on her usual stool staring back at him. Abusive words were exchanged between the man and lady as they both started to move towards each other.

Friends of the two surrounded each of them in an attempt to ease the situation. She being a friend of both of them had to decide who she was going to stand with. She moved towards the woman and tried to tell her he was not worth it. He was young and drunk and not worth getting into any kind of argument with.

The lady, who was also drunk, was repeating the same sentences, in a just about understandable slurred voice, over and over. “He can’t say things like that about my dog. My dog comes in here all the time. He can’t say things like that”

All the while, Gus, who hadn’t been in there for a while and gets quite violent when he’s had a drink, decided it was his role to take a stand for the morals of all men and started telling the man just what he thought of him for picking the chair up against the lady, who was now on her way out of the room to go to the banished spot.

Now the argument was not just between the man and the lady but the man and his friends and Gus and his friends.

This was when the man in charge of the place decided he should walk around to where all the noise was coming from to find out what was happening. He had timed his walk to perfection. By the time he got there the friends of the two bickering men had diffused the situation and things were calmer. Now they were all stood around happily analysing what had just happened as if they just watched Plymouth Argyle beat Bristol City on the wide screen TV.

Time for another drink.


Lord Hutton said...

That's probably why I stay in of a Friday (and Saturday)

Ladybristol said...

If I had stayed in I would have had nothing to write about, well apart from what I had watched on TV!