Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mind Altering Drugs

I've been thinking about boredom and the different kinds there are. You can be bored because you have nothing to do or you can be bored because there's nothing good on the TV. Well I'm bored of my mind. I'm bored because it never changes what it thinks about. I try to make it think about different things but it seems to come back to the same subject each time. I'll start off thinking about something, say, going on holiday or the next gig I am going to, but it always brings the subject back to the same thing. I've never used mind altering drugs but I'm beginning to think may be now is the time.


Lord Hutton said...

That's 2 odd ones in a row. What are you getting in to? You can always get anti depressants from the Doctor. They were alright for me.
Look after yourself

Ladybristol said...

Hi Lord
Thanks for your comment.
It's not so much depression just that I have this one decision to make which is on my mind most of the time. But on a happier note I'm planning next years holiday so maybe that will take my mind to another level of emotion.