Friday, July 03, 2009

3 Women and an Angry Man

Our seats may be great for a football match but not to see Rod Stewart who was the other side of the pitch. This is a photo of the stage from my seat and although I had a great view of the big screen behind Rod I really like to see who's on stage in person not via a film camera. All that said he was brilliant. I've seen him live about 6 times and this concert was just as good as the very first one I went to. The sound wasn't very good to start with but that was soon sorted out and not long into the concert the whole ground was singing.

The event wasn't without its side entertainment. In our row were an older couple and in front of them were 3 middle aged women. The women insisted on standing up giving the couple behind them only a view of their back sides to look at. The couple put up with it for the first two songs but then the lady of the couple asked the women to sit down so they could see. There was some discussion between, first of all the couple and the 3 women and then the 3 women. In the end the 3 women agreed to sit down. When the forth song started the 3 women got to their feet again. The man of the couple lost it now and grabbed the women, who was sat directly in front of him, by the shoulders and shoved her back down in her seat. The women jumped back up and turned to face the man. If it wasn't for her friends stopping her she would have landed a nice punch on the man,s nose. An argument ensued and the 3 women ended up going down to the seated pitch area where they were able to stand and dance to their hearts content.

Just after half time another women appeared in one of the seats formally occupied by the 3 women. She was very drunk and she spent the second half either asleep or waving her arms around frantically, I don't think she knew where she was or why she was there but in her own little drunken world she was having a whale of a time

Just before the final song a man came along the row in front of us. He got to the drunken women and tried several ways to get past her without having to physically push her out of the way. He was fashioning a large back pack which seemed to be full and this wasn't making his task any easier. He managed to get past her and then made his way, unsteadily to the end of the row. The way in which he was walking I thought maybe he was disabled as he seemed to have difficulty walking straight. When he got onto the concrete steps it became apparent he was very drunk.

His first attempt to step down one step was unsuccessful. As he lifted his leg to step off he changed his mind and tried to stop. His body didn't realise this was his plan and tried to carry on off the edge of the step. For about 10 seconds he teetered on the edge of the step with all around him looking on. He was standing on row O so he had 15 steps like these to go until he reached the safety of the ground. We all held our breath until he had managed to sway and stumble his way to the bottom. He made it without falling but I'm not sure how he did this. The man beside me looked to me and said '' Didn't think he would make it. Good job he did, now I can get back to watching Rod''

And with that we all turned our attention back to the stage where Rod was giving us an encore.

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