Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Times

When all my friends had Donny Osmond or The Osmonds on their bedroom walls I had Michael Jackson on mine. I watched as he turned from a sweet black kid, to a light coloured music master with the ability to captivate my attention as he danced on stage. I followed the stories about him in the press, never knowing what was the truth and what was really going on behind closed doors. Not that ever bothered me as it was his music I liked and not him as a person.

The first album I can remember buying of his was Music and Me. On Sundays I used to do the Ironing for my mum and I would play the record over and over again, which used to get on my older brother's nerves as he was a heavy rock fan. (Smiling as I remember)

I remember waiting at my friend house, with her dad, for the Thriller video to come on the TV. We sat transfixed as it played; we had never seen a music video like it before.

Well all that was the good old days when I never had a care in the world. I had not yet met my husband (now my ex) I had no kids to feed and I still lived at home with my dad. All I had to do was go to work so I would have money to go out at the weekends.

It seems like those times are returning. I have no husband, my kids are not kids any more and the only responsibility I have is keeping a roof over my head. I work just to pay the mortgage, which luckily for me isn't a lot, and to go out and have a good time.

As I started this with Michael Jackson I had better finish with him. I've been trying to think what my all time favourite song of his is and it is a toss up between You Are Not Alone and With a Child's Heart, from the first album I bought. There are others I really like to but too many to mention so I won’t. To be honest I like most of his songs and really it depends what mood I am in to which one I like the best. I think I must be in a sober mood this morning as the ones I have named are slow ones.

I'm rambling now so I'll stop here.

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Lord Hutton said...

He died as he lived. In a bubble of celebrity