Sunday, July 05, 2009

I Love My Cherry

I have a challenge for fruit farmers all around the world. You can buy seedless grapes and pip-less oranges so where are the stone-less cherries?

I love cherries but they are so awkward to eat in public or anywhere for that matter. The hardest bit about eating cherries is finding the right ones. They have to be big, juicy, sweet and not too hard. Then you have the task, after you have eaten them, to find somewhere to put the stalks and stones. This can be hardest when driving. Yes you can have a rubbish bag to put them but all to often, after you put the first one in, the bag closes in on itself leaving you trying to open the bag whilst holding the wet sticky stone and trying to drive on a busy motorway.

Please can someone grow a stone-less cherry?


James Barlow said...

The USDA's Agricultural Research Service is investigating.

Dr Ralph Scorza, USDA

"We are working on improving fruit quality through traditional breeding of novel genetic material, and also through the isolation and transgenic manipulation of key genes that control fruit development, stone formation, and ripening. We are also investigating the possibility of creating marketable stoneless stone fruit varieties. Stoneless/seedless peaches, cherries, plums, etc. could revolutionize the way we grow, market, and consume these fruits. We are developing solutions to some of the most important disease problems affecting stone fruits and pear in order to improve the sustainability of these crops and to reduce inputs of pesticides."

Ladybristol said...

Hi James
Thanks for that info. Cherries mmmmmm