Sunday, July 21, 2013

Phone Call From Afar

My daughter phoned me today all the way from Australia. The house phone rang, I answered and she said "Oh I phoned the wrong phone" She phoned back on my mobile. She was phoning for a purpose and not just a chat.
The reason why she had to ring my mobile was so I could go hunting in her room to find the list of things she wanted me to sent to her. One by one I found the items she asked for but there were some things she wanted that I would have to buy.

Tan tights
Black tights
Dove deodorant 
(The kind that don't leave white marks) 

Off to Asda I went. I figured I could buy everything there and then wrap the parcel and see how much it weighed. I have a limit of 2 kilos. Of course if there is spare weight she would like more chocolate!

The clothes are the first thing you come to when entering the shop so I go straight to get the tights, easy I thought.

The black tights were easy to find and i put a pack of 3 size small into my basket.
Now I don't know who decides where things get put on show in Asda but whoever it is they have no sense at all. I'm looking for a pack of small tan tights, small cause my daughter, and me, are only short. I start at the bottom of the rack, as that is where you would expect to find the small ones, right? No. At the bottom were the ex-large ones and yes the small ones were right at the top. They were so far up I couldn't even read the colour on the packs. I looked around for an assistant but there was no one in sight so decided I would get the stool from the shoe aisle and stand on it to get the tights down.

The stool was quite firm so I had no problem getting on it to look at all of the packs at the top. I searched each rack but they didn't have any so I proceeded to get off the stool. The first foot touch down on the floor and I let go of the rack I had been gripping in case I fell. My second foot decided it wasn't going to come with me so easily. It stuck itself to the cushion of the stool and would not budge. Next thing I know I'm on the floor, falling with a bang as my thigh makes contact with the hard tiled flooring, the stool falling on top of me. I looked around quickly, hoping that no one had seen me but unfortunately there were 2 men at the end of the aisle. They had been looking at kids clothes until they heard the clatter of me falling.

I looked away hoping they would just ignore me but no chance of that. One of the men walked up to me with concern on his face, which was kind of sweet, and asked if I was ok. Of course I said I was fine and mumbled something about the tights and turned and walked away trying not to limb.

I still have to find tan tights in small so Tesco it is tomorrow. I'm hoping a short woman had the job of designing the layout of the tights section cause you can be sure that will be the only way I will find the small ones on the bottom rack.

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