Sunday, August 13, 2006


My brother has been up for the weekend from Plymouth and we spent Saturday afternoon at the balloon fiesta. The weather wasn't bad but it was too windy for the balloons to take off so we had to be content with just seeing a few blown up on the ground.

I've been to the fiesta before, but this years was the biggest I have seen. There were far more stalls selling far more different things than in past years and the fair ground rides were the scariest I have ever seen. I did go on one but kept my eyes closed tight all the time I was on it. Of course my 8 year old niece loved it and she wanted to go on nearly all the rides there. I think I am going to have to toughen up by November. We're off to Florida for two weeks and I know she will be wanting to go on everything there.

This one went so fast you could hardly see who was on the I didn't go on it.

My brother and his daughter looking forward to the ride starting

Trying to stand upright.... a bit like me on Friday night

This one made it

So many people....bad news for the ladies wanting the come the gents never have to queue?

One last picture on the way home


Boo said...

The ladies are always victims of potty parity.

You going to Disney World?

Billy said...

Ah, the Balloon Fiesta. Nice pics there. (I remember being up on Bedminster Down one time during the Fiesta and seeing all these photographers up there. Clear line of sight through to Ashton Court that way.)

I went to a beer festival once and the loo situation was reversed, which would have amused me had I not been dying to go.

Ladybristol said...

boo, yes we are off to the wonderful world of disney. Any tips for our trip?

Billy, well it does make a nice change to think that at least one man has had to queue to use the loo. I have been known to use the men's when the queue has been too big and I have been very desperate... I've seen a few surprised faces over the years :)

Boo said...

But it's a lot easier for guys to go off into the bushes and do his business.