Sunday, August 06, 2006

Is It Only a Game?

Celebration after Plymouth score.

Plymouth missed a great chance to win their first match of the season. After taking the lead in the 35th minute, an own goal left the match at a 1-1 draw.

Plymouth will have to be on their toes on Tuesday. They take on Colchester, at Layers Road, who will still be trying to prove they deserve the promotion they earned last season after coming second the their league.

Colchester's first match of the season was against relegated premiership team Birmingham City. Birmingham had a man send off and still managed to win 2-1.

After just watching the Coventry/Sunderland match I think Argyle will have their work cut out when they face these two teams. I just hope Sunderland's defence stay asleep for Plymouth's match next Saturday like they did during their match today against Coventry.

Off to watch Derby v Southampton now. Let's see if Southampton's new signings can make a difference to their game.


KILROY_60 said...

You're off to a good start here. I was warming my hands by a Mohawk Fire and found you.

Perhaps you would come by for a visit...
Fear And Loathing In The Blogosphere. I think we might get a kick out of doing a link exchange. :-)

Ladybristol said...

Hi have visited and left a comment for you. Also added a link to your site in my side bar :)

KILROY_60 said...

Yes, you did. Thank you. Momentarily, I will be adding a link to you as well.

Will be looking forward to our getting to learn about each other. Which leads me to look at a few others posts.

I will be interested in what additional comments you may have to offer on other posts. The work related posting is very recent so I hope you will explore further.


Boo said...

What is the difference between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom?

Ladybristol said...

Ummmm. Well the proper term is 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'
This suggests that 'Great Britain' is only England, Wales, Scotland and some of the smaller islands around the main land such as the Isle of Wight, Anglesey, the Isles of Scilly, the Hebrides, and the island groups of Orkney and Shetland. 'The United Kingdom' includes all the above plus Northern Ireland'
Oh I nearly forgot. England is a country within Great Britain.

There end the geography lesson. :)

Boo said...

Would it be fair to equate the governments of England, Scotland, Wales, etc to our state governments?

Ladybristol said...

Ummm hang on let me go back to uni and find out for you :)

To be honest I don't know a lot about your state governments to say. Maybe someone else who reads your question maybe able to answer.