Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Not The End of The World - Just The Beginning of The Season

For the first time in ages I managed to watch my team play in Bristol. My daughter and I were all ready to watch a game that was full of goals and we both looked forward to the celebration drinks afterwards.

My God, how we were disappointed.
We ended up trying to drown our sorrows in a large glass of vodka at our local, still wondering how on earth Bristol Rovers could have beaten Plymouth Argyle, and Rovers being dressed in pink too.

I think if you take a look at the pictures we took of the match you will know as well as us how it happened.

Where are the Argyle players?

One of the few shots Argyle have at goal

Well the new season starts this Saturday and our first match is at home against Wolves. the last time we played them Plymouth won 2-0, lets hope we can do the same this time around.

Come on you Greens!!


Billy said...

Shame about the match.

You had a good spot there though, just behind the goal!

Ladybristol said...

Yes it was a good spot, if only the ball had hit the back of the net when Argyle were shooting that way. Oh well can't have everything. :)

ill man said...

Excellent shots. Have to say, the pink strip is rather..........Fetching?

Good luck to Plymouth Argyll for the coming season.

Ladybristol said...

Well not quite the word I would use but your word is a lot more polite then mine :)

andy said...

No shame in losing to the mighty pinks.
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