Saturday, April 14, 2007

Films. Dogville and 28 Weeks Later

I don't watch many films but tonight I was flicking through the channels and come across Dogville. It gripped me as it was such an unusual film and I found myself watching it until the end. It's the story of Grace who arrives in Dogville on the run from gangsters and it covers her life while she lives there. The people of Dogville at first welcome Grace but soon turn on her and live to regret it.

There is a film that I do want to go and see, that is 28 Weeks Later. I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema but this is one film that will get me there.

Preview 28 Weeks Later now


TabulaRasa said...

I can't wait to see 28 Weeks Later, the first one was one of my favorite horror movies ever. This one looks even better though.

Ladybristol said...

I agree. I watched 28 days for the second time this week and it was just as exciting the second time around as it had been in the first.