Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cars; Always Trouble in Someway

My daughter went to a gig on Monday night and I offered to collect her and her friends after. On the way home my daughter turned to her friends in the back seat and started to say something to them and just stopped in mid sentence. I turned and looked at her to see her staring into the car parked next to us at the traffic lights. She then said 'Has that man got any clothes on?' We all turned to look at the car. The driver looked clothed, well he had at least a shirt on, but the passenger had no shirt or trousers on nor any other clothes that we could see. This poor man was about 20 years old and he now had 3 giggling teenage girls and a middle aged woman all staring at him. The lights changed and off we both drove only to have to stop again at the next lights. The guys in the next car must have got feed up with being stared at because the driver reversed a bit so my giggling passengers couldn't see them. The lights changed and off we went in different directions. I didn't hear anything on the way home about the gig the girls had been to, but I did hear lots about the naked man we had just seen.

Last night (Tuesday) while I was letting the dogs out into the garden I saw smoke coming from behind one of the houses which are a little way down from my house. I had just had a shower and so only had my dressing gown on, but that didn't stop me from going to the end of my garden to see what was going on. All I could see was flashing lights reflected in some garage doors. I could also hear the sound of a heavy engine coming from the same direction as the flashing lights. I came back in, put the dogs to bed and throw on a tee shirt and some jeans. My daughter came back out with me and as we walked about 10 yards down from my garden we could see a fire engine, lots of firemen and two cars, which were on fire. There hasn't been any trouble around here for ages, not since 3 men got stabbed about 2 years ago, but it seems that the good weather has encouraged some young people to start hanging around again, with nothing else better to do but upset the neighbours.

I took the picture below this morning. There's not much left of one of the cars, the other one has already gone.


Billy said...

Naked men in cars? Gosh, what's the world coming to?

He must have been some kind of exhibitionist!

Ladybristol said...

Hi billy.

He can come and exhibit for me anytime :)