Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Men and Feet Do Go Together

Where are all the men when you need one in the middle of the night?

Last night I needed a man in my bed. Well at the bottom of my bed to be precise. My feet were freezing and I couldn't get to sleep.

I didn't go to bed very early anyway, bloody internet keeps me hooked for hours, and when I did eventually crawl under my duvet I spent at least an hour listening to Talk Sport ., which weren't talking about sport, waiting for sleep to over come my conscious state of mind. It never came, my feet were too cold. At about 4am I decided I would try and find the hot water bottle we have, for when one of us get the dreaded tummy ache, and fill it with hot water and warm my feet, which, by now, were feeling more like a big iceberg had been split off from a glacier in the North Pole and had dropped onto my feet.

A search of the cupboards, under the sink, in my kitchen, where we usually keep the much needed hot water bottle, revealed nothing. I was getting a bit desperate. One, my feet were still freezing and two, I was shattered and needed to sleep. I found an empty juice bottle, kept for filling the car up with water, and thought about filling that with hot water and placing it at the bottom of my bed so I could rest my now blue feet, with red painted toenails, on. I decided that wouldn't be a very good idea. To get a decent amount of heat from the bottle I would have to fill it with relatively hot water and that would cause the plastic bottle to melt, so I discarded that idea as a non starter. I did think about turning the heating on but I would have had to stand with my feet against the radiator for the heat to reach my feet so that idea was thrown away too.
Walking back up the stairs, resigned to the fact that my feet were never going to be warm again, I remembered I had an electric fan heater from when my boiler had broken down. A quick look in the cupboard at the top of the stairs and there it was, in all its splendour. The firm black object of my desire, my fan heater. I quickly gave it a dusting and planned how best to put it to use. If I left it on the floor, the heat from it would not reach my feet once they were back in bed. A look around my bedroom and a plan was hatched.

Next to my bed I have a cabinet, which is at the same level as my bed, and would be just the right height to ensure the heat from the fan would be directed into my bed. I placed the fan on top of the cabinet and turned it on. Feeling the heat on my body was so exciting, it made me feel like I would explode with pleasure. Well maybe not quite but I was happy.

I placed an extra duvet on the top of the one already on the bed and slid back in to discover my bed was now warm and cosy. Within no time at all my feet were warm enough to turn the heater off and drift off to sleep.

My Feet - Looking a Lot Warmer


Anonymous said...

hope you find your HWB

Ladybristol said...

I think I would rather find a man to keep my feet warm, but thanks for your comment and I will keep looking and see which one turns up first :)